Sunday, December 28, 2008

I just found this video

I was running through my daughters video camera clips and I thought I would share this. I put this fence up for a reason, I always wondered why there were deer prints in my garden. Seems they can open the gate, later in the summer they completly broke in by opening up the fence in the corner. Enjoy the video

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cait and Maddi make the Decker News again

Madison brought home all A's on her report card this trimester.

Tonight we also had a big event, Caits Swim banquet. At the Banquet Caitlynn recieved another letter award along with a Trophy for "Hardest Worker". Cait's room is covered in Letter T's for Tarten and to add to her T wall paper will be her trophy. They receive the T's on there locker for each swim meet with there names on them. Cait is now trying to figure out how she can remodel her room so the T's won't interfer with her trophy. She would like her trophy right above her bed. She is so cute. Another cute thing is while we were sitting at the banquet she would turn the trophy towards her and look at it with a big smile. The wonderful thing about Cait is she never hides how prowd of herself she is. She flat out told me she was thinking about rearranging her room for this trophy and how she has always wanted a trophy. Just so cute!
To top Cait's night off the coach pulled Cait aside after the meet to let her and another girl know there 11th grade year they will be Captains in training. They will start training next year to be the Senior Captains in 2 years. This is a huge deal up here, many girls want this task and only 2 get it. The tasks on there swim team go beyond cheering but into training and helping the coach with several tasks. We are very proud of both our girls. Madison has become such an excellant student. Something I wish I could have been and I am so proud my children have become that. Caits grades will be in next week.
Norah lost a tooth last night and the fairy bought the tooth for a whopping 2.00. She has two top teeth that look like they will be falling out this week. If this happens she will have about 4-6 teeth absent from her mouth. This will make things difficult at the dinner table.
Garet has decided to make potty training a daily decision. Some days he trained, some days he's not. Hmmmmm. He is however the only 2.5 year old that still gets a bottle. Sorry Suri Cruise, my son held out longer than you.
Rollie is still cute as ever.