Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Deep Breath, I did it.

I finally cut my baby boy's hair. His hair was getting so long that it would constantly get in his little eyes. So I took him up to Wild Child to get it cut, everyone kept calling him a little girl so we thought the haircut would make him look like a little boy. Well he kinda looks more girly being he has so many curls but he is still so precious looking he could get a way with anything.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Egging, and Chicks First day of Freedom

Easter Sunday was a blast, Jeremy and I got to stay home with the kiddos all day and not worry about a thing. Wait, I guess Jeremy had to run 12 miles that evening in prep for his Marathon in June. So let me rephrase, I had a wonderful Easter Sunday and got to stay home with my kiddos and enjoy the day. In the morning we colored Easter Eggs together and then mom suddenly got a caffeine headache so Jeremy and the kids went to the store to get mom a cold coffee. While they were out a sneaky bunny hid all the eggs and left behind some Easter baskets. What a sneaky rabbit. The kids came home and hunted for there baskets and luckily found all the eggs. Later that day Jeremy started Raking in the back yard in our garden which was covered with leaves for the winter. Sure enough he found a sure sign of spring, Our strawberry plants were already coming up. I am so exceited for spring!! What a wonderful way to celebrate Jesus, being home with the family no worries or hurries, and we were able to enjoy each other and the lovely Earth God gave us.

Yesterday Jeremy made the chicks a portable coop. They spent the day outside scratching the ground and fertilizing it. They have a much prettier coop waiting for them when they get a few weeks older but this is a nice inbetween. They still need to come inside when the temp gets below 61 degrees but during the day they are lovin the sun.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally pics of the chicks

The Chicks arrived last friday and were hatched on April 1, 2009. They are 10 days old today. Wednesday I had the wonderful joy of bringing all 11 chicks to Norahs class room and then to Rollans Class room. The kids enjoyed the chicks so much and had wonderful questions to ask. The last picture is a today picture, the chicks have almost doubled in size. The cute chick is named Black Betty and is my favorite. If I put my hand in the cage she runs up and jumps on my hand to be held. She is always looking up out of the playpen for me when I leave. I will post a new pic each Friday so you can see how they have grown. The Brown Birds are the Rhode Island Red and they have already gotten in there Footbal shoulder pad feathers and there tail feathers, these birds will lay brown eggs. The yellow birds are the meat birds, they will be harvested after a short 6 weeks. These birds will turn white and are called Jumbo Cornish If they are not harvested there heavy weight will put them into cardiac arrest and they will pass from that. Lastely is the Barred Rock which is a beautifly black and white striped bird. They will lay brown eggs after 6 months of age.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

But Don't I cloth Diaper???

Yes I do cloth diaper Garet. But Garet will be three next month and he has started to wet a ton. Unfortunatly when we go to the gym and overnight his diapers just can't hold up to his power 3 year old bladder so we opt for sposies (AKA paper diapers). This was a hard thing to do and I know if I was a little more dedicated I could put a woolie or fleece cover over his diapers but there have been such great deals on diapers and I know I only have about a month left of the diapers that it is tough for me to purchase a 15-20.00 woolie or fleece cover. So If your wondering what should you do with your child to be thrifty I say CLoth diaper all the way. Cloth diaper until they are at that 2.5-3 years of age and then if you can't keep up with the wetting through switch. You will save so much money, your child will love how much they stay dry and they will have little no diaper rash with cloth diapers. Unlike sposies which cost .20+ cents a piece, cause diaper rash, smell way worse than I cloth diaper could ever smell, hang down to there knees in the morning, and fill your garbage and the landfill. (no I don't believe in global warming, but I do believe in the diseases spread through bugs hanging out on dirty diapers in landfills and the uglyness of diapers that will NEVER break down)plus your garbage bill will be smaller since you are not throwing 6-10 diapers away a day. Water costs for Cloth diapering are equivilant to a toddler that is potty trained. They say as much as a toddler flushes the toilet after going is the same amount of water you use to wash the diapers. I spray my diapers off with a toilet sprayer and then add the close to clean diapers into my whites load so I see no difference in my water bill. Please note the average child is usually potty trained before 3. All my kids Cloth diapered or not have not trained until 3 years of age. So your chances of them wetting through like my little guy is rare. Cloth diapers can be spendy at 15-18.00 a piece but remember you only need 10-12 diapers, you can find cheaper more inconvient ones out there for 2-5.00 a piece or you can sew your own with all the free patterns out there for about 4.00 a piece. I loved Fuzzi Bunz and so I sewed my own diapers that were close to the Fuzzi Bunz syle.Tthere will be a few new ones at Essence of Flowers in Litchfield by Monday. If you like them I can sew you some at 15.00 a piece. I have a ton of colors otherwise I can show you how to sew your own. If I know you well enough I will lend you my snap press to get that professional and convient diaper. If you don't know me and still want to make diapers you can make great ones like Thirsties or BumGenius with velcro. I think there diaper patterns are out there also. I found them on the sewyourowndiapers yahoo group which posts a few free diaper patterns. There are also used diapers on Craigslist. I would suggest this but I am a little leary. If I child has a yeast infection or any other type of infection it can stay in the diapers and travel to the next child. Yuck, buy or make new ones. Covers are fine to buy used if you go that route. I prefer pocket diapers which don't need a cover and are very slim fitting. My old store that I sold is www.mysweetpickles.com The new owner is very nice and has some good info on her site. IF you have questions please call me or email me. I did own a store and I have made my own diapers so I do think of my self as very experienced in this area.

Above are some pics of some diapers I made this year. The sesame street and Muppet ones Had to be discontinued. I actually received a ceist and desist letter from Sesame street for making them. Anyways you can see how fashionable your babies bum can be. The character faces are put on the bum and I used to make them for 30.00 a piece.