Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Completly amazing, I have been watching our oldest female bunny for the last week or so as she has worked on this burrow in the ground. You see our rabbits are in a large dog kennel, they have freedom to go in the shed attached for shelter or to be in a large running area. Well Charmin (girl rabbit) has been getting larger and larger for the last 28 days. I have watched her dig large holes and then fill them back in. She always seems to come back to one hole she really likes, it goes under the fence and under a tree. I think the tree protects her from having the ground come down on her. I couldn't figure out why she kept filling the hole back in and then would dig it out again. So tonight when I went out to spend some time with them I noticed Charmin was very thin. Yep she had her babies. But where on Earth did she put them. I looked everywhere and her burrow opening was closed. I got worried thinking she burried her babies and was going to kill them with lack of air. I ran inside and googled baby bunnies and burrows. Sure enough, mamma bunnies bury there babies and once a day they go to the hole dig out the top run in and feed the babies briefly. When Jeremy got off the phone I had him come out with me to make sure he thought she had her babies too just in case I was feeling wrong. Well when we got out there sure enough her burrow was open and she was inside feeding them. We tried to get the flash light in there to see them but she is so smart her burrow goes down and then up. All we could catch a glimpse of was her nose sticking out at us. We also found one baby pushed out of the nest that didn't make it. Jeremy buried it immidiatly. I guess it just goes to show all animals including no how to birth on there own and if you just trust your instincts you will know what to do. What I mean by this is a domestic rabbit who was born in a petting zoo knew how to make that burrow so the other rabbits couldn't get to her babies. We have 4 rabbits 3 are boys which kill little babies. The dad, is so wonderful, we put the other two boys in a seperate cage so they couldn't get to them, the dad sits next to the opening and will not leave it. He keeps watch for anything bad. Jeremy even tried to cox him to the other side of the cage with food and he would not leave her side. They say the male is very attached to the female and if you seperate the two when the female has her babies they can suffer a type of depression. If you must seperate them you should only put a wire fence inbetween them so they can still lay by each other. The father will also watch the babies if the mother is gone and will not hurt them. I will try to snap pic's as soon as I can. We need to decide if we should dig the bunnies out and put them in cage with her or keep her and the bunnies in the habitat they love. My worries are there is some woodsy animals that would love to chomp those bunnies up, and once they start walking and we don't catch it immediatly they could squeeze right through the fence. Our Julius is about 2-3 months old and she can still squeeze out of the fence, that is why she has to be in a cage still. Jeremy and I were out there the other night and some big animal like a bagger came right up to the kennel sniffing. Jeremy looked behind him and scared him away but he looked hungry and he didn't even care Jeremy and I were sitting there. This was about 10pm at night. Also all our neighbors have dogs that run loose. Exspecially one neighbor whose dog is always in our yard. Our other neighbors have an outside cat that puts Garfield to shame by his size. Oh what to do. Please let me know you opionions. I really don't want to pull her from her natural habitat but I don't want to loose another bunny. Plus my children would love to see the bunnies grow. It would so wonderful for them to experience life.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

By Husband better written and a funnier blog

He just started it but he has a ton of stuff already written he will be posting on his blog. So keep checking, he has this week off of work so he may get really bored with me and my mother all day.

nothin new

Ok I turned 30 today. I guess thats all I have to report. OH Yeah, I thought I would screen the Twilight books before allowing my daughters to read about vampires. Turns out I love the books. I going on book 3 and I read each 500-600 page book in about 1 1/2 days. Yep, there that good and my daughters are definetly allowed to read them. They are great content for a 12-17 year old. The movie comes out in Nov so go get your copy and read your book before then.

PS I love my husband.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I can tie my own shoes

Rollie has learned to tie his shoes tonight. We have been working on this for the last hour and he never gave up. I remember learning this in Kindergarten but it seems they have taken this out of the curiculum.

Garet's First Dentist Apt.

First Pic, Want a knuckle sandwhich. I don't want to be here
Second Pic, I am not letting that motorized brush in my mouth. They can just use the mirror
third pic and last pic are switched around. last pic he is crying, mad, and all he wants is to use his new tooth brush.
third pic, At least the dentist is still smiling.

Wanted this Duck stealing Granny

Madison Was able to catch video of this Granny in action..... Seems she is wanted all over and not for Hair stealing but for Duck Stealing....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Here are some great pic of our wonderful Summer

Pictured above is a picture of everything I have canned this summer. Sorry only two have blue ribbons because I didn't have anything else canned before the fair. Here is what we have
Dill Pickles (made these hot and regular) Whole tomatoes, Ketchup, blue berry-rasberry jelly, Rasberry Jam, Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam, strawberry jelly, strawberry jam, tomato sauce, apple pie filling, chipolte salsa (not that great), Sweet Pickles, hamburger pickles, peaches (my favorite)
Garet licks all the jelly or jam off his bread and then likes his hands and then likes the table or his plate and then asks for more on his bread. It is soooo Cute!


Charlie, Julius Dad. See the resemblence. I don't

Three Funny Things

Rollie Vikings

Cute story here. Al Frankin has a commercial where a man is dressed in a classic mn Viking out fit and he is having fun with a packer fan in a bowling alley. Rollie is in an all boys class this year and his teacher is a football fan. Rollie hasn't had much football in his life being his parents aren't big sports watchers. So he came home wanting to watch the football game. So him and Jeremy started to watch the game when the Al Frankin commercial came on. He thought this commercial was hilarious. He then became very curious of the Viking asking Jeremy if a viking was an animal. Jeremy said no its a person. Rollie was very confused and said people have horns growing out of there head????

Again Rollie, he came home from school today excited to tell me about Cub scouts. I asked Rollie if he new what they do in cub scouts. He replied yes I do know, if you look at the pictures you can see the swing through jungles and climb mountains...

Norah Dumpster diver, In June we had received a refund from the government. We thought it would be fun to build the kids a swingset with this money. So we went to several stores Menards, home depot, fleet farm ect... only to find the swing sets are way overpriced. On our way home we drove by a new building and sure enough there were pallets in the dumpster. Jeremy and I got a great idea to make the swingset completly free. So all summer long we dumpster dived to find wood. We even found some at Dairy Queen. You can see in the photo we made a wonderful tree fort with room to expand. Well the other day Jeremy was driving and Norah must have seen something in a dumpster they drove by because she yelled to Jeremy "Dad, aren't you going to go dumpster diving for that" You have got to love children.

Norahs First Day

Well Its a little late but I will post some pics of Norahs wonderful First day of Kindergarten. She said it was so much fun, the only thing was the bus was a little scarey in the morning. Her second day they had fun searching for the gingerbread man, if you remember he runs away. Well the searched high and low and finally found a tray of gingerbread men to eat. I can already tell Norah is going to love kindergarden. She is eager to learn and make new friends.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rollie's First day off to First Grade

What a wonderful first day for school. Yes it was raining but also full of smiles and laughter. We woke up to one child crying because it was the first day of school and she missed the bus. Ok that part she will look back on and laugh but it gets better. That was our poor Madisons fresh start to 7th grade. She had went over to the old bus stop thinking it hadn't changed and I never even paid attention that it changed and moved over 1 block. She was there at a prompt 7:03am the bus was to arrive at 7:06Am. We after she sat for 42 mins she figured she missed it. This wouldn't have been such a big deal but at that age the first day of school not only means finding your class and getting bak in the old routine it means getting the seat by your best friends in class. So she was late and I have yet to hear when she gets home how terrible her seat is for first hour.
As far as Rollie goes, There were puddles and raindrops on our walk to the bus stop. He had waited all morning for this walk. He didn't even finish his breakfast because he didn't want to be late for the bus. So we trotted to the bus stop. Dad, mom sister, brother and Rollie. When we arrived there were about 10 kids and 5 parents there. One of the kids at the stop owned the house so her wonderful mother let us all take shelter in the garage to stay out of the rain. While waiting in the garage with some very excieted children one mother yelled I see the bus here it comes. Sure enough the bus turned the corner to where there stop was and kept on going. All us parents started running after the bus waving our arms and the children were trying to run with there big back packs flopping through the rain. About a block down the bus stopped at the next stop and that is where Rollie finally got to load. What a wonderful morning and we all had smiles and laughter in our faces. Lets pray Maddi's day went just as well.

meet Julius

Here is our 6 week old bunny. Garet and Madison fight for this little guy all the time. We also adopted his daddy Charlie. They are so much fun, I will try to get a good pic of charlie today. Julis is a rex/min lop. His dad is choc brown miniture lop and Julius mom looks just like him and is a rex. We have two more fantastic bunnies named Charmin and Wilbur. They two are mutts, but very loved.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sweet Pickles Books

As many of you know I was a child of the late 70's early 80's. OK I turn 30 in 20 days. Yeah happy birthday to me. Because of my wonderful age I was blessed with the sweet pickles books. I loved these books and I cannot tell you how many times my mother read the great race, goose goofs off, fix it camel and many other pickles books. We would read these books in here red white and blue small flowered wallpaper bedroom where the head board was made of bright red velvet. Yes very 70's. Anyways, I loved these books so much I named my childrens store after them. I still own many of the 26 books and try to read them to my chilis. Unfortunatley they seem to like Llama Llama Red Pajama and many of the other rhyming books more. The Sweet Pickles have not caught there heart yet. But...... While I was at the local Value Thrift store today A little something caught my eye. No it wasn't the 100's of people there on labor day due to the 50% off sale, no it wasn't the lack of carts or the rent a cops patroling the 50% crazed thrift shoppers, It was a little record in the large stacks of records called Sweet Pickles Pop 26 Songs with Giggles and tickles and life's silly Pickles. Hey the name even rhymes. So with no price tag on it and it being a record I had to decide what I was willing to pay. Thrift shops are well known for not pricing items and when someone brings it to the check out and asks how much they give a rediculous price in hopes of getting it. So my husband looked at me and said what is it worth to you. I said I don't have a record player so lets say 2.00 sale price. So I shopped around while my husband checked out. (I personally can not stand in lines my brain just can't sit for so long) My husband handed it to the lady said how much she said 9.99. WOW the other records are only 1.41 (for some reason they can't price things even like 1.50) My husband said I don't think so then. So the lady comes back with a better offer "How about .99" "SOLD"! So here I sit with my less than 1.00 record and no record player. I am hoping a family member like my mother may have a record player. My mothers bedroom has changed since I was little but I tell you no lie, under her bed has not. She has soooo Much stuff packed under there I often wonder what I will do with all that stuff if she passes. You know that junk will be there in 40-50 years plus more junk. I guess if she has the record player than it will be worth the sorting in my later life.