Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It wasn't me Monday confessions

Well my first confession is I never blogged yesterday but I have some good ones so here it goes today.
Two weeks ago Our lower level flooded due to the washing machine spilling on the floor. So My son Garets room was completly stripped down, no carpet, no bed, no toys nothing. Completly forgetting this Garet had been naughty and gotten into the cookies I had displayed nicely on a plate for the county fair competition. he was told he couldn't touch the cookies because mommy needed them and he could have a different one after supper. So here I am cooking in the kitchen when i hear my dear Garet saying words like Yummy! Its Deliousious! and again Its deliousious at that point panick set in and I ran to the kitchen table where the little mouse had taken off the sarahn wrap and started eating all the cookies. Trying not to laugh being he did this at Christmas with the 50 Gingerbread cookies I made for Rollie and Norahs class I acted quickly and sent him to his room. After a few moments I visualized my son in his room on his bed falling asleep. Then it hit me nothing is in my dear sweet boys room but a cement floor. There he sat patiently and said Im really sorry mommy for your cookies on a cement floor. I then sent him to time out on the couch.

Confession two, I love my Rollie so much that when he decided he really wanted a new English lop I got him Norah and I all packed up in the car to drive to Illinois. Instead of 1 rabbit we came home with 3 and one of them is pregnant.

Normal life is just canning and keeping up with the garden produce. We have 19 tomatoe plants taller than Jeremy and I but not a single red tomatoe on them. Bummer! Everything else is growing strong.

Our beautiful Chickens have laid 4 eggs so far, it is so exciting!

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