Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making the Cut

I have decided to try the making the cut by Jillian Micheals book. I will follow this book to a tee for 30 full days. The book promises that if you follow it, you will lose your last 10-20 pounds. Fortunatly I have 10 stubborn pounds left on me to loose and one of my goals for 2010 was to lose 10 pounds. Every day I follow the menu given, plus some extra snacks she has listed in the book to keep my calories between 1230-1330. The days I am suppose to work out I go to the gym in the morning for 50-60 mins to do a cardio workout. I then return home to enjoy the day and then at 8:30 when the kids go to bed jeremy and I cruise over to the gym again to do the Jillian Micheals circut workouts she has listed. I have this amazing husband who keeps me moving through the circuts with speed. He makes a great coach.
I have rewrote this blog in my head so many times and kept thinking I should write it until the day I start the plan. Well unfortunatly I no longer have time. Between two workouts, to meals to make 3 times a day (one for the kids) and enjoying my kids and there busy life I completly missed the first 3 days of blogging. I can't remember what I all wanted to say, and the food isn't so bad now that I've had it.
I did take pictures in my way to small bikini and thought I would put them up on the blog. I thought this would hold me accountable and give me motivation. After taking the pictures I was so ashamed of the way I looked I couldn't put them up. No ones eyes need to be burned with that image. So if in 27days I look hot I will put up the before pictures. Motivation did come with the before shot. I took pictures of my backside and never would have known how much back fat I had until then. It was a very sickening and realization moment. How many people see themselves totally clothed that morning go off to a wedding and when the pictures come back think oh thta picture makes me look fat delete it. When I took the before picture I was 114 pounds, I am usually between 113-116 so it was a low weight day. I was feeling sexy and didn't think the pics would come back that bad. So the motivation is there. I don't want anymore pictures I am ashamed of. I want to be proud of how I care for my body.
I have had 4 babies, the last one took the biggest toll on my body. By 6 weeks post baby I was in the gym with a trainer. I worked out for a year and that following year I entered my first half marathon. Since then I have done 3 half marathons 1 full marathon and 1 10 miler race. I have trained hard which I think has had the opposite affect of what I wanted. After running 14 miles on a Sunday I would purge into a big Blue Cheese burger thinking I deserved it or I burned those calories so I would be fine.Last Winter January of 2009 I was at 128 pounds. I almost died seeing myself in a swimsuit at a waterpark and decided that was enough. I got my weight down to 115 pound by summer. I did this by cross training and eating 1200 calories a day. Once summer started it was train for Grandmas half marathon. Although I dropped time over the summer I didn't drop weight. After grandmas I took 2 months off and then started to train for Monster Dash on Halloween. I was able to get a 10 mile Twin City race in the same month which gave me my best time. At the twin city 10 mile my time was 90 mins at the Monster dash two weeks later my 13.1 mile time was 2hours 1 mins.
After that run I stopped exercising, in November started drinking pop again and December was all about the cookies. Jan 1 I weighed 118 pound. Jan 2 I started cross training at the gym. I found a new love for spinning or RPM class. I was real good about hitting the gym Jan and Feb my problem was I didn't care what I ate. Several meals were at Dairy Queen, Famous daves, San Pedro ect ect. I saw 3 movies in Febuary which included Icy's popcorn and nachos. I still managed to get my weight back down to a 113-114 and that is were I started for March on the Jillian Plan.
Here is a diary of my days
Monday morning weight 114.8
Calories 1000 ( NOt sure why it is so low)
I ate Kashi go lean for breakfast a roast beef wrap for lunch which had yummy cream cheese on it. and for supper Morrocan Chicken with rice and two Cups of milk. I went Body Attack a cardio 60 min class in the morning and at night Jeremy helped me get through 40 mins of 5 circut weight training.

Tuesday Weight 114.2
Calories 1430 Shit!
I ate Kashi go lean for Breakfast, a broccoli Cheese and turkey lavish wrap for lunch, a greek yogart for a snack, Supper was apricot chicken and milk. And lastely I snuck in a bowl of cereal.
I took a morning RPM class for 50 mins and at night Jeremy and I hit the gym for 5 Jillian hard core circuts. MY legs were so sore from the day before they kept cramping. As a runner I thought the one minute on the treadmill at an incline of 10 and speed 5.5 would be a walk in the park and I would for sure crank up the speed I was proven wrong. After weight training and then running to the tread mill by the 3 time you feel like you are going to slide right off that mill. It was so fun, I felt like I was on Biggest loser and going to puke.
Wednesday Weight 113.8
Calories 1090 (no wonder I was flippen starving)
Day off at the gym
Food well I ate a ton of cereal because the day was so busy. To start I ate Kashi go lean at breakfast with milk, Lunch was a roast beef wrap and then I had a snack of another bowl of ceral and for supper the whole family had cereal. Yes we love Wed which is usually cereal because of Church.

Also on Wed I found out In addition to running the Monster Dash in October I was the winner of a lottery for Grandmas. This will be my 4th Grandmas run. I will be doing the half marathon this year. My full marathon days are over it was just to hard on my feet and to time consuming. I am hopihng to do the Chicago Urbanthon. Read about it if you have time. I would love to see fellow runners there. It has some twist during the run like Jumping taxis, climbing stadium stairs, jumping over Monster truck tires scaling walls plus more obsicals all inbetween a 11.72 mile run. This will be incrediable. The mack daddy of racing.

If my posts are jumpy remember I do have a ton of kids and so I often walk away and come back throughout the post.

As far as my other goal go I shared them on facebook here is what I wrote: Half marathon in 1:57, lose 10 lbs, 100 pushups, in one day at the gym 3 miles in 24mins 30mins eliptical 30 swim or bike all in a row.

So hopefull all my goals will come true this year. By losing weight my run should naturally come faster, by doing pushups It should help tone me up, Everything should fall into place with the weight loss and the cross training.
As for today Thursday, I am off to the gym to get my ass kicked by the stairmaster and then off for a 3 mile run. I haven't ran in quit awhile so wish me luck. Looks like Jeremy will be back in the gym with me tonight as we do our Thurs Fri Jillian circuts.

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