Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally pics of the chicks

The Chicks arrived last friday and were hatched on April 1, 2009. They are 10 days old today. Wednesday I had the wonderful joy of bringing all 11 chicks to Norahs class room and then to Rollans Class room. The kids enjoyed the chicks so much and had wonderful questions to ask. The last picture is a today picture, the chicks have almost doubled in size. The cute chick is named Black Betty and is my favorite. If I put my hand in the cage she runs up and jumps on my hand to be held. She is always looking up out of the playpen for me when I leave. I will post a new pic each Friday so you can see how they have grown. The Brown Birds are the Rhode Island Red and they have already gotten in there Footbal shoulder pad feathers and there tail feathers, these birds will lay brown eggs. The yellow birds are the meat birds, they will be harvested after a short 6 weeks. These birds will turn white and are called Jumbo Cornish If they are not harvested there heavy weight will put them into cardiac arrest and they will pass from that. Lastely is the Barred Rock which is a beautifly black and white striped bird. They will lay brown eggs after 6 months of age.

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