Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Egging, and Chicks First day of Freedom

Easter Sunday was a blast, Jeremy and I got to stay home with the kiddos all day and not worry about a thing. Wait, I guess Jeremy had to run 12 miles that evening in prep for his Marathon in June. So let me rephrase, I had a wonderful Easter Sunday and got to stay home with my kiddos and enjoy the day. In the morning we colored Easter Eggs together and then mom suddenly got a caffeine headache so Jeremy and the kids went to the store to get mom a cold coffee. While they were out a sneaky bunny hid all the eggs and left behind some Easter baskets. What a sneaky rabbit. The kids came home and hunted for there baskets and luckily found all the eggs. Later that day Jeremy started Raking in the back yard in our garden which was covered with leaves for the winter. Sure enough he found a sure sign of spring, Our strawberry plants were already coming up. I am so exceited for spring!! What a wonderful way to celebrate Jesus, being home with the family no worries or hurries, and we were able to enjoy each other and the lovely Earth God gave us.

Yesterday Jeremy made the chicks a portable coop. They spent the day outside scratching the ground and fertilizing it. They have a much prettier coop waiting for them when they get a few weeks older but this is a nice inbetween. They still need to come inside when the temp gets below 61 degrees but during the day they are lovin the sun.

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